Person detained for murdering mother and child was sentenced to life imprisonment

2019-07-23 18:18:11

The Jury Court of Tbilisi agreed in full with the evidence submitted by the prosecution and found G.K. guilty in deliberate murder of a mother and a child, N.K. and G.K. under articles 236.1-2, 109.1d, 109.2e and 109.3a,e,c of the Criminal Code of Georgia.  

The prosecution proved the commission of the offence by G.K. by the totality of reliable, consistent and convincing evidence.   In particular, the prosecutors submitted and interrogated dozens of witnesses, studied the report of examination of the crime scene, number of biological and fingerprint traces on the cite of the murder including DNM of the accused, the totality of which reliably proved that on December 14, 2014, the accused G.K. together with other accomplices in order to obtain large amounts of money planned and executed the murder of the mother and the child.  After the commission of the offence the accused placed the bodies into a barrel and poured chemical substance to decompose the bodies and berried them afterwards in the yard of his house.     

On June 2, 20116, the law enforcement officers detained G.K. on the territory of Greece and the extradition proceeding was pending against him ending with the satisfaction of the request of the Georgian side and G.K was extradited to Georgia on November 30, 2018.  

On the grounds of the verdict of conviction delivered by the jury trial, the court found G.K. guilty of all the charges brought against him and sentenced him to life imprisonment.