The defendant accused of committing an act of intentional severe injury to the underage child’s body that caused death, has been sentenced to 11 years in prison

2019-07-25 14:48:34
Tbilisi City Court fully accepted the evidence submitted by the prosecution and the defendant L.K. accused of committing an act of intentional severe injury to the underage child’s body that caused death, also systematic violence committed against him/her and breach of Restrictive Order was found guilty.
On 21-22 January night, 2019, L.K. inflicted multiple injuries in various parts of N.Z.’s head, using a blunt instrument that caused hematoma in the cavity of skull and cerebral swelling. As a result of these injuries, on 22 January 2019 in the morning hours, N.Z. was dead. 
The Law Enforcement Bodies detained L.K. at the same day, just a few hours after the incident. Initially, he/she was charged with the offense punishable under Article 111. 3811 §1 of Criminal Code and was sentenced to imprisonment as a measure of constraint.
On 25 February 2019 L.K. was charged with the adjusted offense punishable under Article 111. 107 §6 (intentional severe injury to the family member, that caused his/her death, committed against a juvenile by preliminary cognition), 111. 126 §2 (D) (systematic beating and violence against a family member by another member of a family, by preliminary cognition against a juvenile) and 111. 381 §1 (failure to meet the requirements and obligations provided by the restrictive order, committed against a family member) Criminal Code of Georgia. 
The evidence submitted in the court confirmed that from January 21 to January 22, 2019, in Tbilisi, Sanzona District, in his/her own home, L.K. to adjust the child's subordination and its behavior in accordance with his/her own discretion, has systematically beaten his/her 4-year-old child N.Z, as a result, he/she suffered with physical torment.
From the case file, on 6 January 2019 against L.K as a potential violator, a restrictive order was issued for 30 days, as a result he/she was prohibited to approach a potential victim, his child and communicate with him/her.
Despite this, from January 8 to January 22, 2019 the convict was in Tbilisi, in a residence in Sanzona, where also N.Z lived. 
Tbilisi City Court found L.K. guilty in the all episodes of presented charges and was sentenced to 11 years in prison.