Witnesses and the victim coordinator service

Since August 2011, the Prosecution witnesses and the victim in the coordinator's office. The main function of the coordinator of witnesses and the victim and the prosecutor in a criminal case in the course of the citizens (of the court) to facilitate communication between the process and provide detailed information.

The system currently works with witnesses and the victim's 16 Coordinators: Tbilisi (City Prosecutor's Office, The main Prosecutor's Office, Isani - Samgory, Vake- Saburtalo, Gldani- Nadzaladevi, Didube-Chughureti,   Old Tbilisi), Telavi, Rustavi, Gori, Kutaisi, Zugdidi and Batumi Prosecutor’s offices.

The function of witnesses and the victim coordinators - responsibilities include the following major activities:

  •  To provide citizens information  regarding the application (to write a review on what is it and what results followed by a discussion);
  • In order to increase the efficiency of communication with the court, witnesses for court-related procedural issues (the court of the place, date) and witnesses to the right - a duty to provide detailed information about;
  • In case of citizen’s   wish to witness the trial of a citizen it is available to go to court to attend the hearing;
  • Witness at the trial of the case or the investigation activities, with the consent of the head with his service and his plea for witnesses to provide information (investigation) is about participation, so it was considered as the valid termination of employment;
  • The defendant or his or her relatives from the witness or the victim's life / health hazard exists for prosecutors to provide information;
  • Organizing Prosecutor's and cititizen's meeting in case of wish from both of them;
  • Such procedures will provide information about the victim, such as the investigation of the defendant's arrest, the court sent the case, the plea agreement, damages and any other type of information related to the investigation or trial;
  • Violent crime victims from trauma caused by the difficulty to deal with the help of his personality - a psychological assessment and psychological first aid in case of need;
  • During his work for the purpose of creating the most comfortable environment, citizen access to services offered (eg, rehabilitation centers, shelters, legal aid services), these organizations and their representatives organize a meeting;
  • Forwarding citizen in case if citizens request does not belong to the competence of the prosecutor;
  • The focus on the material evidence, in order to maximize the timely return of the property owner;

Citizens have the opportunity tomeet personally anytime with coordinators of the prosecution witnesses and the victim, talk with them and jointly plan ways of overcoming their difficulties.

During 2012 year approximately  18000 - Citizens used  witnesses and the victim coordinator services . Thus,  in the 58% of cases   coordinators  were the initiator of the relationship,  42% were acting citizens.

Contact Person: Khatia Basharuli, phone: +995 32 2405105